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I told you so
July 30, 2009, 3:47 pm
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vegans_for_the_planet_poster-p228666038054500249td2h_210Read: The Meat of the Problem in yesterday’s Washington Post

“If we’re going to take global warming seriously, if we’re going to make crude oil more expensive and tank-size cars less practical, there’s no reason to ignore the impact of what we put on our plates.”

The article has an interesting take on the issue, coming from a bacon-lover, and brings up the (slightly infuriating) point that mainstream environmental groups shy away from promoting vegetarianism, even when they know how beneficial it can be. Well, those of us who do care will just keep trying to get the message out.

(Thanks to DM for the link.)


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I am very proud and inspired you went vegetarian, but I really miss your posts about things other than veganism and hinduism/buddism.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

Yes, when can we get back to mixing it up and shouting political insults back and forth?

Comment by Klaus

PS. Is he taking a shot at vegans?

“It would be a whole lot better for the planet if everyone eliminated one meat meal a week than if a small core of die-hards developed perfectly virtuous diets.”

Comment by Klaus

Ah, moderation.

Comment by Laura

He is not taking a shot at veganism. He is saying that it’s obviously the best choice for the environment, but that it’s unfortunately unrealistic to expect the world at large to adopt that diet. So instead, we should work toward getting more people to simply eat less meat.

And thanks for you comments, all, but if you don’t like what my blog is about, stop reading it.

Comment by Carrie M

Sheesh, all Steven said was that he missed your posts and you fire back, “if you don’t like it, stop reading.” Seems a little harsh…like the harshness that comes from not getting enough meat in your diet.

I kid!


Comment by klaus

Hm. I wondered if anyone else was going to comment. I thought I must have read incorrectly when I saw that someone on this blog actually defended me. Klaus must be having an off day.

My comment was not about this post. It just happened to be the one at the top at the time and there is no general comments area.

I meant no harm. I was being sincere. Carolyn, what I meant was that I really enjoy your writing and perspective and miss getting to read about a variety of topics. I just happen to not love garbanzo beans.

Also, the ideas of “purity and non-attachment” seem like illusions to me. I guess I am just a mechanical universe, everything is connected, kind of guy. We are carbon and water growing in the sun for a while until we decay. The true ruler of the universe is entropy.

I would sure like to see more photos and things here about life where you live. Remember, many people who read your blog do not live in NY or the NE at all. You are our window. To me, even every day things there are interesting. I have not been to NY since I was 12. I am curious. I’d like to see more of what you see.

Your blog is of course still proudly displayed with a big graphic link at the top of my site. I wouldn’t do that if I weren’t proud to send people here. Our mother has recently sent me e-mails of people she sent to my site, then found yours through it, and talked about photos of yours they saw here.

Have a good night.
(The sun is still out here.)


Comment by Steven Morrisroe

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