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Vegan Philadelphia
June 21, 2010, 11:07 am
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Perhaps the best thing about traveling to other cities is getting the chance to explore new restaurants. I don’t know why, but often the food just tastes better when you’re on a trip, out of your city, out of your element.

This weekend I had the great fortune to try two stellar vegan restaurants in Philadelphia, Pa. The first was the one that’s been coming up over and over each time I search for veg eateries there—Horizons. A friend took me there Saturday night and it was just as good as the hype. We took a sidewalk table in the warm evening sunlight and perused a menu that featured innovative global cuisine. For appetizers, we had a light and savory Vietnamese-style ravioli and taco-rolls with tempeh and spicy mayo that pretty much rocked my world. We then shared a “Peruvian Mushroom Crepe” that was extraordinarily interesting and well-crafted. I can’t do it justice here: Go check out the menu at this place and commence drooling. (And look, they have a cookbook!)


Sunday, we embarked on a lengthy odyssey to find a vegetarian restaurant that supposedly had a brilliant vegan brunch. After much walking in circles through the hot Philly haze, the restaurant, Mi Lah, at last appeared like an oasis of air conditioning and mimosas. I had the tofu benedict, which was pretty good but not as good as the one I make, if I may be so bold. The home fries, though, were an insanely delightful, melt-in-your-mouth mix of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, perfectly seasoned. Even better, my friend had tofu scramble-black bean quesadillas and taquitos that were so outrageously good as to be nearly beyond words. I can’t pinpoint all the ingredients and factors that came together to make them great, but trust me, they were life-changing. (As in, they served as a great corroboration of my claim that being vegan is easy and tasty.)

Next time I visit, I think I may have to check out one of the cafés serving vegan Philly cheesesteak. Mmm.

Blurry photo of Horizons exterior from the restaurant’s website. Photos of Mi Lah brunch by me.


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