A Lotus Grows in Brooklyn

Hi! I’m Carrie M.

CarrieJust a girl living in Manhattan (formerly of Brooklyn, hence the blog name), finding my way down the path. Thanks for looking at the site!

P.S. That’s me in a field on Bar Island, Maine. I is far away.

P.P.S. I recently started a new blog to focus on writing. You can find it here: http://sparkleforamoment.wordpress.com.


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That made me laugh. I like how the photo you have of yourself for your “About Me”, is from really far away. I like that.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

I really like your blog. It combines two things I love Brooklyn [Born and raised] and vegetarianism. I look forward to coming back often

Comment by seeker2008

Thanks for looking, Seeker! I plan to begin updating this blog more often starting next week, so I hope you do indeed keep coming back! 🙂

Comment by Carrie M

Hello Again Carrie,

I read a cool description of a lotus I thought you might enjoy from a book of sufism and dreams. It is pasted below.


Like the lotus that gradually grows underwater, most of the work of transformation happens below or beyond the threshold of ordinary consciousness. But when the lotus reaches the surface, it flowers, opening to the sun; and similarly there comes the time when we need
to know what is happening within us, when we need
to take conscious responsibility for the light of our divine Self.

Comment by seeker2008

Wow, that’s lovely, Dave! What a wonderful description of the lotus as metaphor for pursuing our own spiritual path. Thanks!

Comment by Carrie M

Hi Carrie,

Sorry to reach you this way but I could not find your email address. I work for a leading publisher of raw and vegan books. I want to offer you review copies of any of our books that you might want to share with your readers. Please visit our website at http://www.BookPubCo.com to browse our selection and/or download a catalog. Then, let me know if there are any titles you would like me to send.

Best wishes,

Comment by Rick Diamond

Thanks, Rick! I’ll definitely check out your site and get back to you.



Comment by Carrie M

its been a while hope uare fairing well

Comment by seeker2008

Hi Carrie,

I’m the Community  Manager with Anagram Interactive, where we specialize in connecting  established brands with prominent bloggers. We are currently running a campaign for one of the top online stationery brands that you and your readers might find very interesting.
Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in and I’ll show you how to get started. Please kindly write to me at helen@anagraminteractive.com

Comment by Helen Chuchak

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