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Vegan Bake Sale at MooShoes
April 26, 2010, 1:11 pm
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A friend and I braved the gloomy Sunday afternoon to stop by the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale at MooShoes. Check out the goods!


We spent all the money in our wallets to fill our bellies and support a good cause: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. The treats were hit-or-miss, though all made with love. I especially liked the carrot cake and molasses-crystallized ginger cookie, while my friend was a fan of a fruit pie that may have been apple-cherry-berry. A sweet potato cupcake went awry with a weird-tasting frosting, the double chocolate cookie from Cocoa V was too “cocoa-ish,” according to my friend, and there were several too-bland chocolate chip cookies. But as I said, the point is to support the cause and we did so gladly.

Here’s our array of goodies as we prepared to sample them at a nearby Starbucks.  

Two more NYC vegan bake sales to put on your calendar:

Thurs., 4/29 at Vegan Drinks to benefit Darwin Animal Doctors

Sun. 5/2 at s’Nice Brooklyn to benefit Farm Sanctuary

See if there’s a bake sale near you!


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What a smorgasbord of yummies, better yet Vegan treats :O….

Comment by Lustful Arrogance

There were a whole lot of things I would try, vegan or not.

Comment by Vicki

Interesting. Thanks for sharing and also for being honest about the things that were Not good. Some vegan things like that are good and some taste terrible. Falsely all-rosy reviews are boring.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

No prob! All honesty here all the time. Vegan baking is tricky, and there are lots of choices you can make about substitutions, and they don’t all turn out well.

Comment by Carrie M

The cocoa-V cookie wasn’t just cocoa-ish…it tasted like a spoonful of cocoa in my mouth. It was dry and tasted like the only ingredients were choc. chips and cocoa powder.

The pie was outrageously good. Some of the choc. chip cookies were good…then there was the giant Jersey cookie. It tasted like Jersey, which explains the big sign in front touting their origin state.

I’m out.

Comment by Cockroach!

If the Cockroach will allow, let me quote from his e-mail to me after tasting said Jersey cookie:

“I tried that awful cookie. Wow that’s bad. I added sugar and heated it up. Wow that’s bad. I covered it in M&Ms, mint, toffee, and gold. Wow that’s bad.”

Yes, it really was that bad.

Comment by Carrie M

That cockroach is funny.

Comment by Cockroach!

True. Horrifically bad chocolate chip cookies? Not so funny.

Comment by Carrie M

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