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Yes, Irish Cuisine Can Be Vegan—and Delish!
March 18, 2010, 10:05 am
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The veggies are a-cookin'.

While celebrating my Irish heritage by not carousing drunkenly around the city, like I saw so many young’uns doing yesterday in Midtown, I went to my boyfriend’s house and made a vegan St. Patrick’s Day meal that was so good it surprised me!

I pretty much followed this recipe for “Vegan Corned Beef & Cabbage, Roasted Potatoes, and Soda Bread” at Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. And I must say, nearly everything I’ve made from that site, run by Susan Voisin, has been stellar—and so healthy!

Potato-y goodness.

Slight changes I made:

  • I was skeptical (and rightly so) that the Yves Meatless Beef Strips I got would be tasty, so I also got some Field Roast Italian Sausage—always delicious—on sale at Whole Foods to beef up (hee!) the protein component of the meal. I sliced two sausages and sautéed them briefly to brown the outside before adding with the other “beef” strips as per the recipe.
  • I omitted celery, because ICK! (personal preference alert)
  • For the potatoes I sprinkled on steak seasoning before cooking instead of dill.
  • For the soda bread, I used 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup white flour. 

The finished meal: seasoned red potatoes; boiled veggies, "beef," and sausage; and Irish soda bread. Mmm...

Everything was amazing! The gravy was light and added nice flavor to the veggies and meat. The cooked cabbage (which my mother has always told me is a disgusting foodstuff) was actually quite nice. And the bread was by far the best soda bread I’ve made, going especially well with natural jam.

So sláinte, everyone! Here’s a toast to the Irish spirit in all of us and to updating traditional recipes of yesterday for a vegan, health-conscious today.


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Looks okay, especially the potatoes. I celebrated my German heritage with a grilled Velveeta on sour dough sandwich. Was really good.

Comment by mother

“I omitted celery, because ICK!” Good call. Keep going and delete the cabbage, then I am there.

Comment by Steven Morrisrtoe

I was surprised–I’ve never cooked with cabbage before and it was quite good!

Comment by Carrie M

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