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Love Your Body! (But Only If You’re a Barbie?)
March 17, 2010, 9:31 am
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Is anyone else completely disgusted by Victoria’s Secret’s new “I Love My Body” ad campaign? Their goal, I guess, is to push their new line of bras that fit all kinds of body and boob types. Great! But the ads, now appearing on TV, in print, and on billboards, feature only these grotesquely thin, lanky models with not one ounce of natural, womanly body fat.

It is exactly this type of advertising that brainwashes young girls and women into thinking they must achieve this ideal of “perfection” in order to love their bodies. This directly feeds in to eating disorders and the kind of paralyzing poor self-image that many women are trapped by. Only a tiny fraction of the female population has the genetic predisposition to ever look like these models, and honestly, I don’t think women should even want to look like them. They are all hard angles and scary bones and there’s nothing sexy about that.

This campaign is particularly infuriating because the slogan encourages women to be accepting of their own physiques, which is a wonderful message. But the imagery then completely negates that effect by promulgating an insane idea of what bodies should look like to be “lovable.”

Dove ran a similar campaign a few years back, but in fact did show women of different shapes, sizes, and softness. I don’t expect Victoria’s Secret to begin using real women in its marketing, but it shouldn’t pretend that it is.

Shame on you, Victoria’s Secret. I do love my body, for all its weirdnesses and womanly curves, thank you very much.


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