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Girl Scout Goodies
March 10, 2010, 3:46 pm
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Once a year I get the chance to be very thankful that my mom works at an elementary school: when she gets hit up by dozens of Girl Scouts to purchase cookies for their annual sale. I am the lucky beneficiary of her inability to say no to cute kids, as she’s nice enough to send some boxes of cookies my way.

This year, however, I wondered if my veganism would mean I couldn’t partake of the delicious morsels. So as soon as she started getting hounded by 8-year-olds bearing order forms, I poked around online to see if Girl Scout cookies could possibly be vegan. And several varieties are!

Tasty vegan Girl Scout cookies delivered to my office ... mmm.

I informed her that I could eat the Lemonades, Peanut Butter Patties, Daisy Go Rounds, and Thanks-A-Lot, none of which are made with eggs or dairy. Of course, these aren’t a health food—there’s still a lot of corn syrup involved as well as palm oil (which, however, comes from suppliers who are member s of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, so that’s a good thing). But still, I am pleased that I am able enjoy these treats (and support an organization that greatly enriches the lives of young women) with a clear conscience.

Now the only problem is trying not to consume them all before I leave work for the day. I can hear them calling out to me from my desk drawer: “Carrie, we are delicious and vegan! Eat us!” “Shut up, cookies, I’m having a nectarine! I’ll enjoy you responsibly later.”

Find out where you can buy Girl Scout cookies here.


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I’ll bet that is what is waiting for me at the post office.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

I got so excited when I read this because I knew my parents had the peanut butter patties at home. Turns out there’s more than one type of peanut butter patty Girl Scout cookie. Ours say “Tagalongs Peanut Butter Patties”. They come in the same color box and the photo on it is of the same kids (but closer cropped) and they contain whey. Boo!

Comment by SeitanSaidDance

Aw, yeah, that’s too bad. The Tagalongs are indeed not vegan, but these are. Weird that they produce two similar cookies with different ingredients!

Here’s the link to nutrition info where you can check ingredients before you get your hopes up! http://www.girlscoutcookies.org/nutrition_info_2009_2010.asp?iframe=true&width=940&height=500

Comment by Carrie M

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