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Best Way to Sugarcoat Your Tongue
January 11, 2010, 1:28 pm
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Display case o' vegan goodness at Voodoo Doughnut

 One thing I loved immediately about Voodoo Doughnut upon entering their tiny storefront during my recent trip to Portland, Oregon, is that they spell “doughnut” correctly. Over here in Dunkin’ Donuts territory, I sometimes feel the word is in danger of losing its silent letters forever, à la the commonplace and ridiculous spelling of “drive-thru.”

Typical cloudy Portland day—perfect for doughnut comfort!

Ahem. Grammatical considerations aside, I was excited to go see the selection of vegan doughnuts at Voodoo, a mecca for hip kids and drunkards (as it’s near a lot of late-night bars in downtown Portland) as well as for vegans tired of missing out on fluffy, sticky, delicious sweetness. Midday on a Thursday (Christmas Eve, actually) the line for Voodoo snaked not quite out the door and the air was thick with the scent of sugar.

Now, Voodoo is the kind of place you go for the novelty, really. With a bacon-draped maple bar and doughnuts festooned with Fruit Loops and crushed Butterfingers, the point here is as much the entertainment value as it is the flavor. My brother and mom selected six regular doughnuts (although there’s nothing much normal about a giant chocolate doughnut dredged in Oreos) and I asked for an assortment of six vegan ones.

My vegan assortment: grape, orange, maple, oh my!

We spent the next couple days sampling the doughnuts little slices at a time, because there’s really only so much fat and sugar that’s appealing to an adult before you start craving an apple or some nice steamed broccoli. In general, I’d say the vegan doughnuts were so-so. My assortment included cake and glazed varieties, one with what tasted like grape Pixy Stix powder on top, a couple with blah vanilla glaze and sprinkles, one with what appeared to be (and tasted like) orange crayon shavings, and one maple-glazed (with which you can never go wrong!). Maybe Voodoo puts too much emphasis on the sugary glaze and toppings and not enough on the taste and consistency of the dough itself. Or maybe I’m just not a sweets fanatic.

Still, I definitely recommend stopping by Voodoo if you’re in the Portland area. Next up I need to get my hands on some Mighty-O “Donuts”(!) from Seattle. And am very much craving a vegan version of apple cider doughnuts (one of my favorite treats ever!) so let me know if you’ve a line on where to get them!


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Mighty-O spells “doughnuts” incorrectly. I, in good conscience, could never buy a “donut” from them.

BTW, you rock.

Comment by Cockroach!

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