A Lotus Grows in Brooklyn

If a plane stalls in the woods, can anyone get me a new flight? (another Hijacker post)
December 21, 2009, 3:37 pm
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So, it seems Carrie M. is stuck at the airport. This confuses me.
I understand Washington D.C. might be a hub (mostly for in-the-closet Republican leaders and lethargic Dems), but you’d think in this day and age, the airlines would have a computer program ready to go that could help re-route people in a more orderly fashion.
As it stands, it’s sort of like a pot luck party. Or a key party.
Now, lessee if I can break into Carrie’s Twitter account….
Oh wait, I haven’t said anything about veganifying the world. Um… stop using paper, you’re destroying the forests and there’s not going to be anymore bears if you destroy the forests, and with less bears there’ll be more fish. And with more fish…we’ll, er, be able to feed the world.  Damn….
OH! But you shouldn’t even be eating fish b/c they have a right to their lives as much as you do! Yeah, you stink on ice! Here’s a vegan recipe I found:
Personally, I’d much prefer pretzels covered in dark chocolate.  Now, I’m sure some pretzels aren’t vegan, due to the kind of sugar used and the like, and some dark choc. isn’t vegan either. So please read your labels before making these and sending them to me via Carrie M.  Thank you.

The Cockroach.

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