A Lotus Grows in Brooklyn

Don’t Be Alarmed, Folks
December 21, 2009, 5:20 pm
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While I might not have power over my travels (and yes, am still stranded at JFK but trying to remain positive) I have wrested control of Lotus Brooklyn back from the slightly insane but well-meaning and fun-loving hands of The Cockroach. And for the time being I’m leaving his silly posts up, because at least he made the effort to touch on veganism and … um … leaves? Do I really talk about leaves so much? Just for that, I’m publishing the following photo of the hijacker. All I can tell you is he is one of the gentlemen in this photo. And he may or may not be hijacking the other fellow’s car. (Or helping to shovel out, hard to tell.) Face obscured to protect the possibly innocent.

Do wish me luck in my travels, please. I could use it. Also, everyone wish The Cockroach a happy late Chanukah, early Christmas, and late late birthday. Cheers!


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That’s silly. You should’ve posted THIS picture…

Much more embarrassing.


Comment by Cockroach!

Hm, interesting. I kind of prefer this one: http://www.twitpic.com/uncge

Comment by Carrie M

The bear actually looks far more embarrassed than I ever would by that picture.

-The Cockroach

Comment by Cockroach!

I think the bear was getting ready to call the cops.

Comment by Carrie M

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