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Veganism as Respect for All Animals
December 9, 2009, 11:29 am
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Every vegan has his or her own reasons for choosing to embrace the veg lifestyle. Take me to Candle 79 and I’ll make time to tell you mine. 🙂

I recently came across a fascinating group, Living Opposed to Violence and Exploitation (LOVE), that runs a website, blog, and community to “promote veganism as a response to speciesism and a means to ending oppression.” 

I love their message and I greatly admire their commitment to ethical veganism and to strategies of educating people about the issue in a positive, respectful way. This is activism at its best.

From the group’s About Us:

“LOVE is neither an animal welfare group nor an animal rights group, but something new: an anti-oppression collective. We oppose animal use, not because the animals are suffering, and not because of a theory of rights, but because we believe it is wrong to use any being without their free consent. Because of this, we oppose the oppression of animals and human animals alike and seek the liberation of all.”

The site has nifty resources such as:  Vegan on a Budget and Questions Frequently Asked by Non-Vegans, plus, a well-written and provocative blog.

I’m so happy to supplement my knowledge of vegan issues with thoughtful sites such as LOVE, and I hope you explore around and gain some insight, too!

Earth goddess image by by alicepopkorn on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. Buttons available on Compassionate Cooks.


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so glad you like the site, carrie. we’re happy you find the resources helpful, and thanks for sharing with your readers.

your photos of new york in december are stunning! too bad it’s so miserable out there today, i’m totally inspired to go browse the union square holiday market.


Comment by jenna

Hi, Jenna, thanks for looking! I am always in the mood to shop the Union Square holiday market. I keep finding myself there fondling the merchandise, deciding what to buy for other people and what I can get away with buying for myself. 🙂

Comment by Carrie M

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