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The V-Spot has Daiya!
November 23, 2009, 10:57 am
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If the ecstatic tone of the West Coast vegan bloggers can be believed (and I have no reason to think it can’t), Daiya cheese is the best thing to happen in the vegi-verse, perhaps ever. After it started popping up in restaurants last spring, vegans in L.A. and surrounding areas could not stop talking about it, making my mouth water with posts about its delicious meltiness and real-cheese taste.

But it’s taken its sweet time to get to New York. I believe that it’s still not available in any stores here, but keep checking the Daiya website for information, and perhaps we can lobby Whole Foods to start carrying it, as do WF locations in other parts of the country. Meanwhile, I’ve seen it appear on the menu at ‘Snice and have heard that it’s offered at shmancy places like Candle 79 and Blossom, where I’ll never be able to afford to go.

This past Saturday, though, I was thrilled to open the menu at my fave vegan café, The V-Spot in Brooklyn, and see that they’ve embraced Daiya with gusto. A full page in the menu announced its arrival and extolled its virtues, and they’ve revamped the menu itself to incorporate it into certain dishes an offer it in almost all others for $1 extra. Hooray!

I ordered the spicy jerk chicken wrap with Daiya, and was in love at first bite. So melty! The wrap, while delightful, had only a tease of cheese, so I think next time I’ll have to order something that really features it, like a quesadilla. I’m in utter infatuation with the V-Spot’s nachos, and I think if I try them with Daiya cheese I may be hooked for life.  

As for the rest of the meal, I tried the deep-fried tofu appetizer with peanut sauce, and was pleased that the tofu was light and crispy, not soggy and breaded like you sometimes get elsewhere. The sweet potato fries accompanying the wrap were good, but not amazing. I like crispy fries and these were more like dirty shoestring fries, so if that’s your thing, chow down.

Will keep my eyes peeled for more Daiya introductions around town. If you’re feening to cook with it now, though, you can always buy it in bulk online, and you can follow Daiya on Twitter to keep up with the rollout.

Okay, that’s enough about cheese for one morning. If you want to know more, I recommend SuperVegan’s interview with the Daiya founders.


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