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The Future of Food
November 8, 2009, 2:43 pm
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The wonderful, eye-opening film “The Future of Food” is available in its entirety online! Don’t know why I’m just now seeing this 2004 documentary about the perils of genetically modified foods and the scary way they have sneaked into our grocery stores over the past couple decades. So fascinating and alarming! Further proves that giant seed company Monsanto is indeed the devil. (Which we of course know from, among other things, this year’s fantastic food documentary, “Food, Inc.”)


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I say again, a huge part of the future of food will be lab grown meat, soon to be factory grown meat. That will be the end of hurting and harassing animals to get meat. For some reason it is often the really big changes people don’t see coming.

Genetically modified foods cause some concerns but for some reason people continue to choose that over letting millions of people starve to death or having to start mandatory population controls immediately.

As with so many other issues the problem is too many humans.

Also, what qualifies as “genetically modified”? Does that mean only lab gene swapping? What about selective breeding? That is also genetic modification, like breeding animals, and has been going on for thousands of years.

Too many people=Huge and increasing demand for food and land=Need for factory farming and genetic modifications to increase production

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

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