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China and the Harvest Moon
October 5, 2009, 10:28 am
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This past Saturday was the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival, 中秋节) in the Chinese calendar. To celebrate, I selected three beautiful works of Chinese poetry on the subject of fall.


Midnight Song of the Seasons: Autumn Song
Southern Dynasties Yuefu (unattributed)





The autumn wind enters through the window,
The gauze curtain starts to flutter and fly.
I raise my head and look at the bright moon,
And send my feelings a thousand miles in its light.

Autumn Air
Li Bai

Autumn Air 






The autumn air is clear,
The autumn moon is bright.
Fallen leaves gather and scatter,
The jackdaw perches and starts anew.
We think of each other- when will we meet?
This hour, this night, my feelings are hard.

Mid-Autumn Moon
Su Shi

mid-autumn moon 




The sunset clouds are gathered far away, it’s clear and cold,
The Milky Way is silent, I turn to the jade plate.
The goodness of this life and of this night will not last for long,
Next year where will I watch the bright moon?

Poetry source. Moon photo by by jmtimages on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.


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Beautiful photo of the moon. It was so amazing here the other night.

Comment by jenitreehugger

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