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Happy October!
October 1, 2009, 9:04 am
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fal lleaves

I’ve always thought October was an enchanting month. Growing up in California I could pretend it was a real autumn and that some boy would carry my books down a sidewalk covered in crinkly red-orange leaves, like on the after-school specials. Bit of a problem, though, because in my hometown there were no sidewalks, no one  walked anywhere, and the only items underfoot were acorns and dry dust.

Five years after moving to the East Coast, I am still enamored of these storybook autumns. Bright mums on stoops! A rainbow of leaves in Central Park! Crisp mornings where you’re happy to wrap up in a soft scarf! Pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks! (Okay, scratch that last one.)

So let’s all rejoice in this transitional month, break out last year’s Halloween decorations (you didn’t throw them away did you, my good little recycling blog readers? you know that stuff’s all plastic), and read some John Keats: To Autumn.  (But don’t go see the movie about him. It looks entirely too “R”omantic.)

Also, let’s appreciate this month’s birthstone, the opal. (And don’t make me say “rocktober.” Oh dangit, I said it. I apologize.)


“A variety of Opal called Hyalite, which glows bright green under short wave UV…There also appears to be some Calcite, which glows bright red.”
Photo by by Orbital Joe on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.

Top photo of red leaves taken by me last fall in Green-Wood Cemetery.


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Happy October back atcha and Happy Mofo’ing too!
Opals are so so beautiful, more so in their unpolished state. One year I didn’t even take down the Halloween decorations! There were garlands of witches and Pumpkins strung up in my house for over two years! They blended in well.

Comment by jenitreehugger

I dream of a New York fall! But, being in California, I must pretend. Poop. Lovely blog post about Autumn! It reminded me to pull out my Halloween stuff 🙂

Comment by Hannah

I like this post.

Comment by fictionadvocate

Happy Roctober to you too! Beautiful Opal, beautiful autumn leaves. We don’t have much of that in Texas but I love to share in your view. Happy MOFOing!!!

Comment by maya938

“Rocktober”? Wow. lol That Hyalite does look pretty cool though. I enjoy minerals.

My neighborhood does look like the after-school specials. I certainly didn’t throw away my Halloween decorations and now have a great front porch in a historic neighborhood to decorate. Fall in Forest Grove will be beautiful, but the leaves have not turned yet.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

October is my favorite month as well, especially because I’m blessed to have celebrated a few decades of colorful trees and wood-fire scented breezes here on the East Coast. My sister now lives in Arizona and she is coming to visit in a couple of weeks purely because she misses Pennsylvania autumns.

As a side note, if you actually do like Pumpkin Spice lattes (as one of my colleagues looks forward to their appearance all year), I have two suggestions for you:
For one, you may or may not be aware – Starbucks offers Vanilla Silk soymilk in all their espresso drinks, so you could indulge if you wanted to. We’ll ignore the exorbitant number of calories involved.
Also, if you make drip coffee in a coffeemaker, add a couple of dashes of cinnamon, a dash of ground cloves, and a dash of nutmeg to the dry grounds before you make the coffee, then just a drop or two of vanilla extract to the water. If you really want to go all out, you can steam and froth some soymilk in a french press and add it to the brewed coffee.

In any case, enjoy your East Coast Autumn!

Comment by Natalie

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