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Local, healthy, sustainable – what’s not to like?
July 24, 2009, 9:43 am
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Foodprint NYC — a great initiative with a slightly silly name.

This is a newly introduced resolution in NY City Council aimed at “improving access to local, just, and sustainably produced food in New York and decreasing the the city’s ecological ‘foodprint.’”

The goal is to “create greater access to local, fresh, healthy food, especially in low-income communities as well as city-run institutions.” According to the NY Times, the bill would encourage the city’s various agencies to coordinate and establish climate-friendly food policies and programs, as well as a public awareness campaign about the health and environmental impact of food.

This broad-ranging resolution may strike some as too much meddling, but I hope it’s the kind of thing more cities consider.

Read more about the effort at the official website: Foodprint Alliance.

And read the NY Times’ take on it here: City Is Urged to Provide Healthy, Locally Grown Food

I need to find out more about the initiative myself, but it’s backed by some groups that I adore, including, the Sierra Club, Farm Sanctuary, Slow Food USA,  Just Food, and Eating Liberally.

For those who’ve said this movement contains too many moving parts to really come together under one banner, here’s proof that it can happen.


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