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Run away from Sorella
July 20, 2009, 11:35 am
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sorellaThe New Yorker has yet another review of a restaurant that a vegan could smell a mile away: Sorella, on the Lower East Side. Are there really people in the world who want to eat like this?

“Hearst [the chef] employs bacon liberally, as though it were merely a seasoning. In addition to the Brussels sprouts, it comes on quail, with sweetbreads, and, sugar-cured, sprinkled over fluffy French toast. Bacon also stars in the pâté de fegato, which has quickly become Hearst’s signature dish: a spongy square of duck-fat bread, topped with chicken-liver mousse, topped with bacon, topped with a fried egg. Sweet and musky and extraordinarily decadent, it’s like something Willy Wonka might have dreamt up if he’d dabbled in small plates.” (emphasis added to point out grossness)

Let me remind you that sweetbreads are the thymus glands and pancreas glands of lamb, beef, or pork. A thousand times yuck! I think I need to go munch on a carrot stick just to get the taste of this restaurant review out of my mouth.


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MMMMM Bacon. I love bacon but the things that guy is doing with it are ridiculous. Duck fat bread? Sugared? I guess I am a bacon purist. And in conclusion – I have never figured out why anyone would eat brussel sprouts. Yuck (shiver)

Comment by Mama

Don’t vegans usually prefer it when the “gross” parts of the animals are used? Because they would get discarded otherwise. If the animal is being killed anyawy it’s better not to waste any of it, and fill up as many people as possible so that they don’t have to kill another just for certain parts. This reminds me of those deep fried rabbit ears I really want to try: http://hungryinhogtown.typepad.com/hungry_in_hogtown/2007/03/earresistible_e.html .

At any rate, you are really going to hate my youtube cooking show……… (I’m working on one, honestly!)

Comment by Andy Lin

I don’t have much room to talk healthy foods. I am the one who immortalized my maple bar with bacon on top with a photo on the wall at work. Also, I haven’t been doing it lately, but I really did enjoy quite a few hamburgers with a fried egg on top in the past.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

I was going to say what Andy said, minus the cooking show part.

Comment by Klaus

Wrong. Vegans want the animal to not have been killed in the first place.

Comment by Carrie M

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