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Vegan lessons I learned this weekend

I find the vegan lifestyle to be quite easy to maintain. Except when I go traveling. This weekend I was out of town and ran into some highs and lows, as I always do when foraging for food on the go. But that’s okay!  A few takeaways:

● Fritos are vegan but don’t make you feel particularly good about yourself.

Veggie Planet in Harvard Square is crazy busy on Sunday morning, just like every brunch place in Boston. I should move back up there and open a vegan brunch café. I’d be rich!

Soundbites Restaurant in Somerville hates vegans. Okay, they probably don’t, but when I ordered about the only thing on the menu I could have—fruit and granola (which probably would have had honey anyway)—they never brought it out, so I didn’t get to eat with my friends. Oh well.

425836● Goya Dulce de Leche wafers are delicious! Just the kind of “accidently vegan” snack I love to stumble upon. They may be my new favorite cheap sweet thing.

bprod_bratsitalian● Yves Veggie Brats Zesty Italian are also incredible! Nice texture and spice. Great on the grill.

● Do not try to buy food in the bus station part of South Station in Boston. Your only options are McDonald’s, D’Angelo sub sandwiches, and doughnuts, none of which are very veg-friendly. Stop off in the train section of the station for far more takeout options.  

● Next time, I’m going to Grezzo, a fancy raw, organic, local, vegan restaurant in the North End. Sounds amazing!

● When all else fails, eat hummus.


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Good tips. You should also do a quick Whole Foods run for the bare essentials before traveling.

Comment by Dhaval M.

Are you sure the dulce de leche wafers are vegan? Doesn’t the leche make it not vegan?

Comment by Andy Lin

Being curious, I looked up the ingredients:

which shows…

Ingredients: Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Which May Contain One or More of the Following: Corn Oil, Palm Oil, Soybean Oil and/or Sunflower Oil), Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt, Milk Fondant, Soy Lecithin, Leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate), Natural and Artificial Flavors and Natural Colors.

So at the very least sugar and milk fondant are not vegan. You probably don’t want to eat it anymore… (My vegan friends always correct me when i say, oh you can’t eat it, and they say, it’s not that I can’t eat it, i don’t WANT to eat it.)

Comment by Andy Lin

Dangit! I swear I looked at the ingredients. How did I miss “milk fondant”? What the heck *is* milk fondant? Ah, well.

Comment by Carrie M


*rampages through Tokyo*

Comment by Internet Rioter

I’d be wary of any mass market candy bar. There’s no way they’re using turbinado, sucanat, or other unrefined vegan-friendly sugars. It’s too expensive. Ironically, I think that ultra-inexpensive much-maligned high-fructose corn syrup IS vegan. (But coca cola is not.)

I have this semi-militant vegan friend and I’m constantly trying to feed her. Every time she comes by, I will run to the kitchen and grab something I’d made recently and say, hey eat this! I made it and I think it’s vegan.

Comment by Andy Lin

Yeah, the best strategy is just not to buy processed food, obviously. If you make it yourself, you *know* what’s in it! You would be proud of me, Andy—I’ve been cooking and baking much more since I went vegan. Yay! Also, I make sure to bake with the right kind of sugar at home, but I admit that when eating out or purchasing pre-made foods, that’s the one aspect of veganism I’m liable to bend on.

Internet Rioter, I don’t know who you are, but I like your style.

Comment by Carrie M

I’ve always said it and I’ll say it again, Carrie, stop being a fake vegan.

Comment by Dhaval M.

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