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Who eats like this?
July 6, 2009, 11:02 am
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090706_r18621_p233The historic Minetta Tavern in the Village has been remade recently into the place for New Yorkers of a certain wealth and celebrity to dine. And if you read the review in this week’s New Yorker magazine, it sounds like a vegan’s nightmare.

Even as a meat eater I wouldn’t want to order these dishes:

“dry-aged côte de boeuf for two (the same rib eye used in the Black Label burger, for $90), which comes with heavenly roasted bone marrow”

“a robust guinea-hen special, stuffed with foie gras, sweetbreads, and chanterelles”


1935006784_aa18846f45Incidentally, elsewhere in the New Yorker, Nora Ephron is depicted slavering over bone marrow at a James Beard Awards dinner. I find the idea of this as a foodstuff to be very, very disgusting. Is bone marrow the hot new cuisine? Ew. If you like, read more about how one eats bone marrow here. Not for the easily grossed out.


Bone marrow photo by by food_in_mouth on Flickr.


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I heard in France they eat snails. Snails! The slimy things that crawl on the dirty ground! Yuk!

And I heard that some plants grow out of poop. You put poop on the plant! Then you eat it! Sick!

Or is it?

Ah, different people, different tastes…

What happened to the zen-like acceptance of all things?

Comment by Klaus

Yay for acceptance. But even with the animal rights issues aside, I still think eating sweetbreads (the thymus glands and pancreas glands of lamb, beef, or pork) and foie gras (made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened) all stuffed inside a bird(!) is disgusting. But that’s just me.

Comment by Carrie M

Those are called “sweetbreads?” That’s messed up.

Comment by fictionadvocate

C – Yeah, it’s just what we’re used to. Some cultures might consider niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, high fructose corn syrup, and all the other junk in processed foods equally – if not more – disgusting.

B – What did you think you were eating? Ha. If you’re gonna eat the animal, eat it all. That’s what they say in France. I think.

Comment by Klaus

Riboflavin=Vitamin B2
Niacin=Vitamin B3 (prevents scurvy–like what pirates get)
Thiamine mononitrate=Vitamin B1
All are necessary vitamins.

The other stuff is preservative crap though.

Hooray for nose-to-tail!

Comment by Laura

Note to self: look up cut-and-pasted items before calling them “junk.” At least I got corn syrup right.

Comment by Klaus

And just so we’re clear, I know I said “animal rights aside” but that was assuming you all were aware of things like this:

“Foie gras, French for ‘fatty liver,’ is made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of male ducks and geese. The birds are kept in tiny wire cages or packed into sheds. Pipes are repeatedly shoved down the birds’ throats, and up to 4 pounds of grain and fat are pumped into their stomachs two or three times every day. The pipes puncture many birds’ throats, sometimes causing the animals to bleed to death. This cruel procedure causes the birds’ livers to become diseased and swell to up to 10 times their normal size. Many birds become too sick to stand up. The birds who survive the force-feeding are killed, and their livers are sold for foie gras.”

And that’s just one of the many animals mistreated and murdered to make one of these overpriced entrees for uppity New Yorkers.

Comment by Carrie M

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