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MooShoes and munchies

Picture 204

Went to the Mercy for Animals launch party at MooShoes last night, met some interesting people, and had some okay food. Realized I want everything in that store.

First, the food, which was lovely, by and large. For example, these portobello mousse crostini from Dirt Candy, a schmancy new vegetable restaurant in the East Village that according to SuperVegan managed to alienate the veg community in its first weeks out by smack-talking existing vegetarian restaurants.

Picture 195

There were also some slightly blah offerings from Tastee Vegan catering and Candle Café and some not-stellar ice cream from Stogo. But it was free, so who’s complaining?

bagBest of all, in wandering around the store and lusting after shoes I discovered two clothing brands that I now love. One, Big Buddha, is a handbag company originally started by a 25-year-old in Santa Barbara. And two, Herbivore Clothing Co., which makes really cool T-shirts. I like that their message is positive and subtle. Here’s my fave:

Picture 194

Also, was nice to be in like-minded company. Very, very nice. Will certainly keep an eye out for similar events in the future.


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Hi there,

Someone forwarded me this post and I just wanted to reassure you about the portobello mousse. We make a vegan and a non-vegan version of everything on the menu at Dirt Candy, and we sent vegan portobello mousse to the Mercy for Animals launch party. Sorry if someone misinformed you and you missed out on it – but I made it myself. It was 100% vegan. The only cruelty that went into making it was cruelty to portobello mushrooms.


Comment by Amanda Cohen

Oh, great! Thanks for clarifying! I will update the post.

Comment by Carrie M

[…] event was reminiscent of the Mercy for Animals launch party a few months ago, with young, hip veggies mingling, enjoying free wine and nosh, and drooling over […]

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