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Update on KitchenBar space

kitchSince I posted on the revolving door of South Slope, I’ve been doing some sleuthing about this mysteriously named “Lot 2” that’s going in where KitchenBar used to be on Sixth Avenue in Brooklyn. My downstairs neighbor told me it was bought by the people who own Southside Coffee, a great new coffeehouse that opened last year and was promptly included by the New York Times in a roundup of New York’s new wave of high-quality espresso joints.

And just now someone responded to a query I posted on the Brooklynian forum (a great local resource—check it out), and said this:

“Kitchenbar was, in fact, purchased by one of the folks from Southside and another party. Lot 2 will be an eclectic, market (green not stock) driven, restaurant that will have an adventurous menu as well as wine/beer list. As I don’t want to steal the owners’ thunder having seen the menu, but there will some tried and true favorites as well as some things that would probably push the envelope for the average restaurant patron.

That being said they’re very much looking to have a comfortable neighborhood vibe and are shooting for high quality, but affordable fare.

They are actively looking for good organic, biodynamic, and sustainable products across the board. While they love meat, they are also looking to satisfy any veg-heads (my phrase not theirs) that are hungry.”

Sounds fantastic! Organic, greenmarket-driven, sustainable—right up my alley! No word on when it will open. Let’s just cross our fingers that it’s not too pricy and that “adventurous” doesn’t mean inedibly bizarre.


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[…] Hi! I’m Carrie M. Lot 2 Follow-up July 10, 2009, 10:27 am Filed under: South Park Slope, bars/restaurants | Tags: lot 2, restaurants, South Park Slope For those of you in the South Brooklyn/Park Slope area wondering about this mysterious “Lot 2″ restaurant opening in the KitchenBar space on 6th Ave. at 20th St., I can tell you that it is now open. (Please see previous post on this.) […]

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