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Et tu, Frito?
June 13, 2009, 5:00 am
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Ever since they were introduced, I’ve been a huge fan of the plain Baked Lays. They are my chip of choice. I have been pleased, since going vegan, to find I can still eat them. Yay!

But yesterday, I noticed our vending machine at work had the Sour Cream & Onion and Barbecue flavors. I have enjoyed both of these in the past. Now, my thought was, “The Sour Cream & Onion probably has dairy ingredients, if they are trying to approximate sour cream. But the Barbecue might be okay.”

BAKED_LAYS_bbqLater, I was at Duane Reade and looked at the back of a Baked Lays Barbecue bag to check the ingredients (you do a lot of this as a vegan). And holy crabsnatz! One of the ingredients in these potato chips is CHICKEN FAT! Chicken fat?! These chips are not even vegetarian! As an omnivore I would even have been distressed to find that my bag of “healthy” chips had chicken fat in it. That’s just weird.

Moral: Always read the ingredients. Even if you are a meat-eater, don’t you want to know what you’re putting in your body?

P.S. I’ve also been noticing a new version of Kettle chips3910Baked-SP-Whats-New that are baked. After the Baked Lays fiasco, I bought some (because they are so vegan and natural that the only ingredients are potatoes, sea salt, and oil). And, interestingly, they are really awesome and don’t taste anything like Baked Lays. They taste like real potato chips, but just slightly less greasy. Crazy! But they are still totally healthy for you. How did they do that?! All hail Kettle Baked Potato Chips.


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Only kinda related story:

There is a Snapple juice machine in the cafeteria of my school. It typically has 4-6 varieties of “juice” advertised in the window. All of the cans in the window are the ones that say “100% juice” in fairly big bubble letters. So yesterday morning, I go to buy one, I open the can, and it tastes wrong. I look at the lable more closely. 5% juice! The design of the can is EXACTLY the SAME as the 100% juice product. Exactly, except for the bubble letters are now gone. I bought two more cans just to see if all the little window cans were a front, and I got two more 5% juice drinks! Boo, Snapple! This (and the fact that they regularly eat chips and candy for breakfast) is why so much of our student population is overweight!

Only as I’m typing this now, I’m remembering about how the Snapple man was mugged outside our building a few weeks ago. About twenty cops came. Maybe the perp was an all natural juice fan.

Comment by janeb

Was there chicken fat in the Snapple, too?

Comment by fictionadvocate

Reminds me of how every couple years people get upset when they rediscover that McDonald’s injects their fries with beef tallow, but the flavor has to come from somewhere.

Comment by Matt

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