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Vegan cheese: The Good & The Bad
June 12, 2009, 3:00 am
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From what I hear, vegan cheeses are getting better all the time. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some stinkers out there. Four recent cheese purchases demonstrate the wide variety of quality and “cheesiness” available on the market. cheddar

Vegan Gourmet Cheddar: This is the kind of cheese that keeps people from turning vegan. Seriously. It’s like orange-colored latex. Sooooo gross. I cannot emphasize how gross this cheese is. I had two slices and threw the rest out, and I never throw food out. Run away from this cheese!

cheeseVegan Rella Cheddar style: Very cheesy. Not incredibly cheddar-y. That is, not tons of flavor but really nice consistency. Bravo!


Soya Kaas Jalapeno Mexi-Kaas: Surprisingly cheese-like in texture and delicious!

Almond Jalapeno Jack Style: Purchased at the suggestion of a friend. A departure from the soy cheeses. (For you non-vegans out there, basically, dairy-substitute products can be made from soy, as is common, but also from nuts and rice.) Also quite good! On par with the Soya Kaas for cheeselike qualities and meltiness.


Upshot: Maybe jalapeno jack is an easier style of cheese to mimic? Maybe the spiciness hides any other weird flavors? I don’t know. I’ll keep exploring, but meanwhile, I’m avoiding Vegan Gourmet cheeses like the swine flu.

What to watch out for: Some of these cheeses have casein, which is a milk protein, and therefore not strictly vegan. But I think a lot of vegans overlook this because there just aren’t a lot of casein-free options.

Also: I hear good things about Teese cheeses, which I haven’t seen availabe at Whole Foods, where I’ve been doing my vegan cheese shopping. Will keep you posted.

Note on the photos: The bottom two are mine. I was prevented from taking pictures of the other two by a stock boy at Whole Foods who yelled at me. “Ma’am, no photos.”


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why didnt you ask management if you could take a few pics??

Comment by dean

Yeah, it was more a spur-of-the-moment decision while I was shopping to take a pic or two. It was no problem, really. I am curious why the policy, though.

Comment by Carrie M

You are comparing vegan cheeses to non vegan ie Soya Kaas Jalapeno Mexi-Kaas which has Caseinate (a Milk Protein). Of course the ones with milk products are going to taste better so its not particularly a very helpful review. Rice & Tofutti both have vegan options as well.

Comment by Fashion girl

This is a very helpful review, thank you! I’ve been trying to find a good vegan cheese. (And let me second the warning against the Vegan Gourmet/Follow Your Heart. Their ‘cheddar’ really did a number on my digestive tract. They make great veganaise though, so weird.)

Galaxy Nutritional Foods makes a decent mozzarella-style vegan cheese that I enjoy on crackers and such. I think it would work well in a veggie lasagna, or similar dish.

Comment by smaller

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