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Weekend vegan dining: The good & the bad
June 9, 2009, 12:24 pm
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(Okay, not really bad, per se. Just not as delicious as could be hoped.)

I had occasion to venture to Williamsburg on Sunday and used the opportunity to try out some of the vegan-friendly places I’d read about.

Vegan black bean taco slice

 First up, Vinnie’s Pizzeria, on Bedford Ave.

 The pluses:

  • Ready-made vegan slices! They had an array of veggie and faux-meat slices, ranging from a Hawaiian with ham and pineapple to a BBQ chicken. Once you select a slice, they’ll ask if you want soy cheddar cheese or Teese mozzarella. I ordered a slice piled with veggies and mozzarella.  
  • The guys behind the counter were very nice and cheerful and eager to make your slice up however you want it.

 The minus:

  • The slice was just so-so. Kind of “meh.” A good crunchy crust but lukewarm cheese and not much flavor.


I’d definitely go back and try a different vegan slice. Everyone deserves a second chance. (First up, though, I’ll try Viva in the East Village.)

Penny Licks

 Second: Penny Licks, just a few doors down from Vinnie’s. Now, you could satisfy your sweet tooth by getting a whoopie pie by Vegan Treats at Vinnie’s, but I knew that Penny Licks offered a wide variety of dairy-free goodness.

 The pluses:

  • Good selection of vegan ice creams and toppings.
  • Again, very good service, with sweet girls behind the counter.

The minus:

  • Again, I was not blown away by the taste. I got chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and while the dough part was delish, the cream part was grainy and overly sweet.


On Saturday, though, I went to the V-Spot in Park Slope for my second time. And oh man! That place can do no wrong. (So far.) I had the Chipotle Seitan Wrap, with chunks of seitan, avocado, black beans, and two soy cheeses in a whole wheat tortilla. So incredibly delicious! I’m going to keep going back to this place again and again until they disappoint me.

Photo of my glorious wrap, enjoyed on the spacious back patio.

V Spot Chipotle Seitan Wrap 

On the minus side, however, the V-Spot waiters were a smidge surly and inattentive. But I say the food makes up for it.


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“I’m going to keep going back to this place again and again until they disappoint me.”

That’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

Comment by Fiction Advocate

I still don’t get why they say ham, chicken, cheese, etc., when it is not. That makes no sense. Why not call the foods what they actually are, especially since the false descriptions they use should be offensive to their customers. If you are not a vegan and are eating something made of grain or soybeans, for instance, you would not call it beef. Why do they shy away from accurately naming the foods they are selling? I still don’t understand. I am sincerely just curious.

Comment by Steven Morrisroe

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